Three Prakrit manuscripts

This web page begins with two manuscripts of the Dasaveyāliya mūlasutta.

1. The first  one (fol. 1.xx) is an early example. It consists of 7 folio in poṭhī format,
double-sided written on according to the pṛṣṭamātra system.
This manuscript is not complete, only fol. 1.4a to 1.6b and 1.8a to
1.11b are available.

2. The second manuscript (fol. 2.xx) includes a commentary on the Dasaveyāliya mūlasutta.
Like the preceding early example this one too is written on
both sides of the folio in poṭhī size. The last folio 2.56b mentions 1953 A.D. as the
year of copying. Altogether there are 56 folio.  The first folio is
missing, fol. 2.2a to 2.30a and 2.56b are included here.

For further references see E. Leumann, Daśavaikālika-sūtra und
-niryukti, nach dem Erzählungsgehalt untersucht und herausgegeben,
ZDMG, 46 (1892): 581-663 and, regarding the missing verses in
Leumann’s edition, see W. Schubring, 150 Strophen Niryukti, in Studia Indologica.
Festschrift für Willibald Kirfel, hg. von Otto Spies, 1955: 297-319.

Please keep your mind on the words in fol. 2.30a, line  1: 
iti śrī-Piṇḍ’esaṇa-ajjhayaṇaṃ samattaṃ
which are  corresponding with fol. 1.8a, line 13 of the first manuscript:

3. The last part (fol. 3.xx) displays 22 folio of the Aṇuttarovavāiyadasāo anga.

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